Tools for your use

Here is a list of tools that you can use - courtesy us, OZ Apps. We could add more tools here if developers allow us to link them from here, in this section we would like to keep to the FREE tools than paid ones. This is to facilitate developers into development, not about providing them with expensive tools when a lot of free alternatives are available.

Our Mac OS X Applications for your use

  • Corona Code Generator from here in dmg format, ready to install on your Mac.
  • The Windows version of Corona Code Generator can be found here
  • A Freeware app that helps you to Show/Hide icons on the screen here
    Note: this shall show/hide a folder as indicated in the textbar, drag & drop the folder you want to hide. The way it works is based on the path, if you close the app with the Folder hidden and forget the path, it will be very difficult to get it back. You need the full path to get it back.
  • Another freeware that displays the IP Address in the MenuBar here
    Note: this captures the IP addresses set at the time the app was spawned, it does not keep updating if you have been changing locations and getting different IP addresses

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