Custom Controls for CoronaSDK

I have created a set of custom Controls that you can add to your projects and get them doing what you want without writing redundant code. The best part is that most of them are in the CoronaSDK fashion usable with one or two lines of code.

The custom controls that you can pick up are
1. The Gauge control
An animated gauge control

2. Sliding Tab Controls
Animated Tab Controls allowing for selection, each tab can have 5 items on it

3. Comic Book Control
This one is a swipe left to right comic book control for Comics that are in the Strip format. This one has been developed with the issues that CoronaSDK ComicBook sample has, namely takes into consideration the memory usage and memory leaks.

4. PullToRefresh
A Pull to refresh Container control, you can add your UI inside of this and provide the pull to refresh functionality in your apps.

These controls are all for sale, they come with full source code and do as advertised, there is support for them in case there are issues or bugs.

send an email to dev[at]oz-apps[dot]com if you would want to purchase any of these controls.


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