Creating a PVZ clone using CoronaSDK

There must hardly be a soul that has not heard of PVZ, I first saw this game at a local JB HiFI store while I was just browsing through the computers, contemplating a change... I instantly loved the game and I generally do not purchase things online, I ended up buying PVZ for the Mac (online) within 24 hours... This is all before it went viral thanks to the iOS devices...
Well, now here is a chance, how about we try to make a similar one for CoronaSDK?

Interested, therefore you are reading this... well, I can see that there are about 285 guests online at any one point of time and an average of 50 users,given the timezones, this means that there would be about 1000 guests and about 200 users minimum that log in and read the forums... It does take a lot of time and effort to make tutorials, I am not asking you for money in return, nor am I asking you to purchase any products of mine, however if you do, it would be nice, nor am I asking you to help me move my game to the Top 10 or whatever. I am asking you to follow me on Twitter and read the blogs, I mean how strange, if you are reading this, you are generally following the blogs. I shall post this tutorial in 4-6 parts as I get 500+ twitter followers, so let's see some dedication on your part... If you will follow, I want you to follow @OZApps and @Whatsin4me accounts, 500+ followers and you have yourself a Tutorial.

This is also to see how many really appreciate the efforts...


  1. done, count me in)(twitter SuperAsdasd) thanks for tutorials)

  2. Campaigning for you now:

  3. Are you still making the tut?

  4. The offer still stands, 500 followers and the tute will be there, however given that there are hunderds of users but still just about 20 added themselves, it will be a while that I see this tutorial coming out.

    1. Start making the tuts, I'll send you followers from my network. You still up for this?

    2. Are you after the PVZ type tutorial or generally looking for many more tutorials?


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