Learning Lua Book

If you need to know something, the best friend that a human can have is no longer a Dog but Google. It can fetch, respond and provide information. If you thought it was Siri, well that is a bit irritating and unusable (at least for me). However the new best friend despite it's know it all and always available does not necessarily provide all the answers. That's where books come in.

Though this is a bit of a shameless self-promotion, I thought it to be appropriate to let you all know that there is a Book on "Learn Lua for iOS game Development" due for publishing in December and already available as an alpha book for purchase as a pre-release copy.

There are several reasons why you must look at this book,
1. It covers the various Lua frameworks
* CoronaSDK
* Gideros Studio
* Moai
* Codea

2. It has a quick reference for Lua Language

3. It tries to put help you understand Lua as a language and how it is used with a framework. Many users believed that Lua commands were actually part of a framework.

4. It helps you write your code in Lua and port it between the various frameworks with little effort.

5. It is a nice book to have with reference for all of the above frameworks

6. It is written by me, Jayant Varma of OZ Apps.

The last two reasons being the most compelling reasons of them all for your decision to buy this book ;)

There are more things about the book that I would like to divulge, but slowly...

you can find out more about the book including looking at pre-purchasing it at

With the launch of the book, we shall also have a companion site that shall help you learn lua, have articles, code etc and a twitter account @LearnLua.

You can connect/like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LearnLua


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