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Like most developers work hard on the basis that some day one of their apps will beat Angry Birds and bring in the millions. Similarly a hard working blog like ours attempts to be the likes of hundred thousand followers.
We have not taken any advertising as yet, there are the occasional Google AD that might show up on the page, but that brings in no revenue. Writing does consume a fair amount of time, time that you benefit from now or in the future when you chance by this site from some search. We have had our prejudice and share of tiffs with framework developers, etc. We have had our own opinions and strong opinions on certain topics. We did not take down the site or all the articles relating to a particular framework because we did not agree with some of their work policies or simple did not work with them anymore.

We have refrained from advertising and nor from requesting subscription fees. So for all of this, we request that you like, retweet, share, follow, etc and spread the word out there so that more and more people can benefit from these blogs. We do not really expect money coming in from this channel, but thanks, and RT's are always welcome.

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This will help us keep motivated to bring you more tutorials. If you are a Japanese speaker and would like to help translate these articles in Japanese, please get in touch with us.

Comments on the pages are moderated to scan for spam, improper and aggressive content. So keep it simple and clean if you do want to post comments.

NOTE: Dry Copic markers make for a very messy colored picture. Give us the determination to get new ones for better pictures...


  1. I'd comment more if you took out the captcha. Why have that when you review the comments anyway?

  2. While you have a valid point, it helps with reducing a lot of spam.

  3. Captchas put the effort on the user end. Your review of comments put the effort at your end. Since you are doing the latter either way, why force users to make extra efforts?

    It prevents much more feedback than the spam you fear - including mine. Just have one or the other, not both. Too much hassle and you will never get the feedback you want.

    You have set up a feedback environment that is hostile to users - too bad too. Unless this changes this is my last post.

  4. thank you for that suggestion, removed the captcha and hopefully that should make it easy for you and others to post their thoughts, we wouldn't like to see you go and hope that this step brings in more comments and not just spam or ranting.


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