Swift Animations

It is Christmas time, My book was to be published, but some gremlins got to the publisher's office and it won't be ready for Christmas. This is not featured in the book but I got some time to create this little quick and dirty animation using Swift.
Irrespective of what each feels Swift looks like, I think it is as easy to use as Lua. You can get started, add a variable anywhere. Add a var to make it local to that scope, etc. It provides a good and quick turnaround while still offering the complete power of all Apple libraries, including the CoreAnimation libraries that allow for some cool animations and visual effects.

This is a teaser of stacking cards, it took about 150 lines of code, of which there are blank lines to space and unoptimized code that has duplications of code to open and close the stack.

The next step to make it into a control like a tableView that can display cards and allow to scroll through the same. That could be a stretch goal ;) Let's see...

Till then here, enjoy....

And wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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