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Thank you all that have been regular readers and to those that are still coming here via search engines or word of mouth or via other mediums. I would like to share with you the books that have been authored by me. You are aware of Learn Lua for iOS Game Development from Apress and now Xcode 6 Essentials from Packt Publishing. There are two more titles that are soon to be printed and released where I have been updating the book and writing the Swift version. More iOS Development with Swift and More iOS Development with Objective-C.

You can now choose between using one of the three language potions, Lua, Swift, Objective-C whichever suits your requirements.

Thank you for all your continued kind support, here's to hoping there would be more titles added to this list soon. Kepp visiting us here, there would be articles that talk about the more swift and objective-C and things that didn't make it to the book.


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