Round 'em up - Dem corners of Views

I came across an article / tutorial today that talks about making UIImageView with rounded corners. The only problem that I see with that article is that though it uses Swift, it does so in a restrictive manner and in a not very Swift manner. So here is an attempt towards a better Swift implementation.
Here's the original code that sparked this off
import UIKit
    class ViewController: UIViewController {
        @IBOutlet weak var profile_picture: UIImageView!
        override func viewDidLoad() {
            // Make image borders rounded
            profile_picture.layer.cornerRadius = 10
            profile_picture.clipsToBounds = true
            profile_picture.layer.borderWidth = 3
            profile_picture.layer.borderColor = UIColor.white.cgColor
        override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
            // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

How to deal with this the Swift way?

The issue with the code above is that it works with just one specific view. What if we wanted this to be a generic way to create rounded corners for our views? After all, in an app there could be more than one view that needs rounded corners.

Attempt 1

The first way is to create a function, one that takes the view as a parameter and then rounds it's corners. Rather than doing anything fancy, we are simply wrapping this code in a function as
func roundedCorners(forView: UIView, radius: CGFloat, borderWidth: CGFloat, borderColor: CGColor, clip: Bool) {
        forView.layer.cornerRadius = radius
        forView.layer.borderWidth  = borderWidth
        forView.layer.borderColor  = borderColor
        forView.clipsToBounds      = clip

and now you can simply call it by passing it the view and other details.

Attempt 2

The way to use a function is fine but you can try the amazing features of Swift, especially extensions.

extension UIView {
        func roundedCorners(radius: CGFloat, borderWidth: CGFloat, borderColor: CGColor, clip: Bool) {
            seld.layer.cornerRadius = radius
            self.layer.borderWidth  = borderWidth
            self.layer.borderColor  = borderColor
            self.clipsToBounds      = clip

Now each and every UIView and its subclasses like UIImageView will have the function roundedCorners available. You can simply use it like
let view = UIView()
    view.backgroundColor =
    view.roundedCorners(radius: 10, borderWidth: 3, borderColor: UIColor.white.cgColor, clip: true)


Well there you have it, you can add rounded corners to any view, even those with connections to IBOutlets


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