Today the puddle, tomorrow the sea

A very interesting story that I read as a child feels so apt and appropriate, first let me share that story.
There was a frog, one day he drank all the water in a small puddle and that made him feel very mighty and powerful. This then made the frog feel like taking on a bigger challenge. The frog then attempted to drink the larger puddle and on achieving that, went on to drink an even larger but this time it was beyond the frogs capacity and all of that water into the frog burst him like a balloon filling up with excess air.
The same is true in the development industry these days, and I came across an article a couple of weeks ago that had an image or rather a flowchart that displayed that a 'Novice' progresses to a 'Beginner' and then either goes on to an 'Advance Beginner' and then to 'Expert Beginner' and get stuck in the loop which then puts their career in a loop like this frog. The other alternative is that the developer understands the issue at hand and moves on to being 'Competent' and then progress onto other levels of achievement to become a master.

While wins are great, it needs a bit of perspective to see that achievements are relative. While the puddle is an achievement for the Frog, the same puddle would seem insignificant for a Cow or a Horse.

Avoid being the frog, evolve gradually and surely. The puddle (challenge) will always remain and you can only resolve it by knowing your strengths. Don't do what the silly frog did.


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