Why no new posts?

I would have loved to say that there were no posts because I had joined Apple, however that not being the case, I can share the reasons with you. For the past year I have been busy working with enterprise level software. It was interesting because the kind of things that I have seen would amaze however that amazement has to be restricted to my thoughts alone. The short of the long is that either there was so many things to talk about - regarding programming, processes, design patterns, etc that it made more sense not to as it could be taken otherwise. So what has changed now, well nothing much, other than the fact that I am not pressured with all of those issues as much now. I don't have to explain simple algorithms ... best not start.

In two weeks it will be the Christmas break, so things are kind of winding down. I have a couple of posts planned, with some basics and processes and also my musings about the industry. Let's see how much time I get writing these articles.


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