Find your IP Address from the menu for FREE

Sometimes everyone requires to know what the IP Address of the machine is, it could be to set up some Networking service, it could be to give someone the IP address to connect or to test some software or service. It is a bit shameful that for a simple thing like that that took me about 1 hour in total to code, package and upload including writing this text, should be something that one should pay for.

So this is a software that is FREE, courtesy OZ Apps and sits in the MenuBar and displays all the IP Addresses that are found, It does not show the IPv6 addresses, clicking on one will copy it to the clipboard to paste into another app.

Here you can see, it has captured the IP Address from my Wireless, from the Wired, from Fusion and Parallels services and the local host.

There is nothing much to write about this app, that is all there is, so have fun

download from here

NOTE: This is not updating the addresses every so often, it is the IP addresses at that point of time when you started the app. For now, you might want to quit and restart the app to get the new IP addresses (if you get a new set of IP addresses, generally if you have moved to a new location, put your machine to sleep and awoken it)



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