Drawing Arcs

Most of the lua based Frameworks do not have a function to draw Arcs, this is a bit sad as this is as essential as any other routine, right? Maybe not, but there are many developers that have been asking for Arcs, well it does not matter which framework you use, we have a solution for you. It is nearly done as a widget that you can purchase for your apps

Here's the video for use in CoronaSDK hope you can see the red arc being drawn on the black background, it is the same as the Arc on Gideros (red arc with white background).

Some suggestion, you can use this to demonstrate time, circle around an object to show speed, time, whatever, it can be used as a circular indicator with a thicker width. While you think about that, here's a video to show you what it is all about

CoronaSDK Video

Gideros Video

Maybe in the coming future, we might also have the same for Moai, so that you can use whatever framework you may choose, but the controls will work on all of them the same.


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