The 1 star Apple Ratings

Do you have a story to share about your experiences with the Apple rating system, mainly to do with the 1 star ratings. Every developer dreads that when they start out, after a while they just do not care. After three years, these are nothing more than like a wart or ear hair, leave them there and it will make you look ugly, but they do not harm you. The only difference is that you can remove the warts or the ear hair, but you cannot get rid of the Apple rating system or the 1 star ratings from your apps, even worse is that you cannot even respond to the ratings. In all eventuality the ones that leave these ratings for all purposes might not even be real people. If you research you will find how these rankings are manipulated, one can pay for making their app popular by having multiple high ratings or by placing low ratings on a competitor app. Some are even forming organised closed facebook groups and they make the app free, everyone downloads the app, places a good rating and comment and hope that the app does well.

Then there are developers that churn out apps like pasta from a pasta maker or mince from a mince machine. Just change the font, text and colour, voila you have a new crApp. Many such e-books were removed from the store, however many such crApps still remain. Rip-offs are the second most common issue, you must have read about the Temple Run fiasco. Search how many apps have the word Angry, Doodle, Ninja, Samurai and Sushi in their names?

This Apple rating system has been cause of grief over the weekend with a client that was influenced by a relative of his, a snakeoil salesman (literally). One that created a situation, upset the client, tried to take over the whole project (he would have done nothing but just position himself into the process) knows nothing about development or mobile, his claim to fame - He has played games, infact he was still trying to play games. I pity the organisation that has employed this individual. The matter was resolved with the client via a simple option lets carry on or let's drop the project right here, right now. This intervening idiot is out of the foreground (still in the background) but the only reason that he could cause that mess was weaving his opinions around the Apple rating system.

That is the reason for this post. have you had grief in any form due to the Apple rating system? or any such painful individuals that are not the client themselves? These are everywhere, so would you want to share your story?


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