Farewell to Carlos

The sudden decision from Carlos to step down from the day-to-day activities of Ansca is unclear. There was a little shift in the balance of power that was seen with the VP marketing being promoted as the COO, and then the step down by one of the Co-Founders, the one that ran the business. The first two names that come to mind are John Scully and Steve Jobs. Again if this has nothing to do with a shift in power, again the name Steve Jobs comes to mind, but the second time around it was not pretty.

There might have been differences of opinion, but still I bid farewell to Carlos from the hot seat that he managed for so long and hope that everything is fine with him.

The issues that were and shall remain are majorly based on the product falling short of expectation and certain features that are invasive on the end users. Which can be discussed in a separate thread as this is the one dedicated to Carlos.

To the person that did a lot of things like Steve Jobs, that included being a co-founder, personally responding with terse responses to the users, being charismatic. You shall be missed at the helm, because you were a good person. Now that you do not have the pressures, hope that you do the right thing this time around, than have weak ears.


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