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It was about last year when we reviewed the wonderful eBook made by David and Annie Fox, that happen to share the same last name (as many people on the chats asked them) that co-incidence happened with the fact that they are married. Well, they made this wonderful eBook called "Be Confident" using one of the easiest to use frameworks out there. So after the review we asked David if we could share some of his learnings with the community, he had agreed, but needed some time as he wanted to clean up the code and perhaps even re-use it.

Now, David has been kind enough to release this to the community at large, however he was asked by the powers that be not to release the code before the easy to use framework corporation releases it first. It is a bit of a bummer, as we were wanting to release a few snippets from the code on how things work in particular aspects of eBook making. So, once the whole code is released, there will be no more need to actually publish this as an article, maybe some might benefit from the fact that the code could be understood in detail.

So, there's a good article that we waited for a very long time gone... Still Thanks David for releasing this to the community at large. I hope that the next project that you work on would be the read-to-me type eBooks, with the karaoke highlighting text and you do share some code snips with us before the powers to be do not allow you to publish it elsewhere.

Keep developing, have fun...


  1. I would have been interested in reading your comments about the code. In detail.
    That would have brought much value to the template.
    Disappointment here too!


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