Flavour of the day - PageCurl FX

If we could have a tour of what projects have we been working on, that in itself would be a big task. However here's our take on PageCurl FX.

Though I might want to post the code and share the secrets behind, unfortunately, this is not for public release, I hope that the MotherSeed releases this as part of their framework.

Our attempts to place text on the other side or even the same page as seem from underneath, have met with mixed failure. However this code will definitely find its way in the book for certain and this could be replicated for a variety of frameworks. The message box at the end is to show that it is made with CoronaSDK.


  1. oooh nice. I thought about doing it in layers of four. Top layer an animation of a page with mask turned invis. Previous Page turned invis. current page turned visible. mask of... ug. yea something like that. And then just turning on visible pages and masks, then reloading the new previous page, current page, next pages with masks ibetween them and turned on/off depending on <- which way they go. -> Yours looks nice!


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