Do you make eBooks? Here are some FX that you could use

A couple of days ago, I posted a Page Curl FX ( ) now many eBook creators would want this, but would also want to wait for the official release from the motherseed either because it would be free or because it would be supported in the long term. Anyways, whatever your case be. There is nothing that stops you from oogling and wishing that you had these FX in your apps right now.

Here is a fresh new FX that you can use called the door/window transition in PowerPoint and the doorway transition in keynote. Right now they are not for sale, however if you want to make an exclusive offer ;) we are happy to hear your offer.

For all, here's the video of this fx to enjoy.

UPDATE: If you are a developer that uses Objective-C and not a lua based framework, then you can head over to github and download this project this does the same thing but uses CALayers, so you can have these transitions in practically any element on screen. Something that might not be possible in other frameworks for a very long time.


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