Automatically Generate Corona Code

For a developer, new or professional, writing code for Corona will usually always involve creating a new Display object and setting it with certain properties. Add to this there will be events associated with these objects and then code to handle the touches, etc. What a chore, what if that was done automatically ??

TADA, introducing a tool to take away your blues and save you redundant typing or even finding and replacing. "Corona Code Generator" is a tool that allows you to do exactly the same. It will generate code for you based on the few choices you make from the GUI front end. The code is generated ready to copy and paste into your apps.

The main options available are
1. The option to declare your variable and functions as Local
2. Handle touch events for
a. touch_began
b. touch_moved
c. touch_ended
d. touch_cancelled
3. Assign the object to a parent group which holds the display object
4. Create a parent Group to hold the object
5. The parameters required by the object, generally
position is x and y
dimension is width and height
6. In case of Vector and Text object, there is a function for selecting the colour

and added a little shameless self promo banner, doesn't look that bad. Maybe looking for a sponsor to sponsor the app development so that in the future other updates are free. In case this starts to take up time and a life of its own ;)

You can download the app from

The app is Free and shall attempt to remain free. It is a 64-bit app, so it will run on Leopard and Snow Leopard, it *might* have issues if you run it on Tiger or earlier OS X.

Sample Uses
If you have to create layers of objects, Generate the code the first time with the following selections
Set the object name
select make variables local
select the type of display object to create
un-select all the Handle (If this is a non-interactive object)
give a name to the Parent Group (shall be used later again)
select the create parent group
set the parameters for the object
Now click the generate button.

Copy the text from to your favourite editor

Now to create another object, repeat the same steps with a new name for the object.
If the object is in the same parent group/layer, unselect the create parent group
and if the object is interactive, select the corresponding Handle check boxes.

repeat these steps till you create all the objects that you want, if you want to create a new Parent Group/layer, just select the create Parent Group checkbox.

Now this shall definitely save you a lot of time, so happy coding...


  1. Is this available for Windows 32bit?

  2. I'd love a Windows 64bit version. Looks good!

  3. Yes, please. A windows 7 32bit version would be appreciated. :)


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