Learn Programming with Objective-C

I must admit that xCode and objective-C are not the easiest things to learn or get used to. While I learned to use xcode and objective-c as that was the only way I could create an app for iOS. I managed to create quite a few apps with Objective-C and during these times I have had a love and hate relationship with both Objective-C and xCode. Having tried other options, it has been easier to create apps with alternative SDK, but when it comes to enterprise or *non-gaming* apps / Desktop apps one might have to fall back to Objective-C and xCode.

Admittedly, I was one of the few people that disliked xCode for its instability as it did crash often and did not compile a few older projects. However having said that, I have since tried to use xcode4 and I must say that the features available are so amazing that I cannot think of working with a previous version.

Now, if you would be one that after hearing that statement would say, but I do not use either, I find it too complicated or confusing. Well, yes you are correct in your diagnosis that the environment is a bit complicated. The way that apple works, but let me assure you that once you overcome that, get past the initial block, you'd be laughing all the way.

So here I am trying to introduce to you the components and the environment and how Apple is making it easier to develop and minimise errors. So, if you are ready for an adventure and would like to learn Objective-C or give it a try since you might already have a Mac somewhere with xCode on it...

This like any other things takes time and resources on my part. So your participation will drive it.




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