One utility that I simply love

I am a developer and I love each one of my utilities, but there is one that I love like anything. This utility is the next best things since Slice Bread. I mean there are some really useful software that are handy to have or essential like MS Office, that many of us cannot live without (Surprisingly, I haven’t started Office 2011 for a while)

Desktop Screen Capture Application

For the reviews, I take a lot of snapshots, screen captures, on the Mac I use Layers, it is the best screen capture that I found, we had a review of the same early-on on our review site ( review found here ) from Wuonm, a Spanish Company (website :
) Twitter : @layersapp It makes it so simple to capture images, either in PNG Format or PSD format. There is a facility called Inspector that lists out all the windows on the screen and each one of them can be captured as a snapshot.

iOS on device image transfer app

This was the easy bit, but on the iOS, be it the iPhone or the iPad, taking screenshots are easy, press the Home and the On/Off switch simultaneously, the screen flashes, makes a sound like a camera and takes a screenshot. The question now is How do I transfer the images over? I can connect the device and sync, but it is not practical to sync the device everytime and this is time consuming. So, from TouchByte GmbH comes PhotoSync (website twitter : @photosync_app
The iOS version is just $1.99 and it allows for transfer of images and video between the devices over WiFi or BT. The transfers are fast and almost instantaneous. For an interstate trip, I wanted to load some AVI files on my iPad to view on the plane and at the hotel. These were about 350-400 MB each and the lot of 10 took a lot of time to transfer over the cable using direct transfer via iTunes. I also found that transferring a file to the iOS device does not mean that I can play it and watch, so I have to transfer them to VLC player (I got my when it was available) Now with PhotoSync, I can transfer the videos to the Photos "Camera Roll" quite very fast and over the Air, no cables required. This is very handy, whenever I require a snapshot, take one and just PhotoSync it to the Mac Desktop or Windows.

I cannot imagine how I could have worked without these two wonderful screen capture apps.


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