CodeGenerator for Windows

Finally, in between being sick (down with Flu, a runny nose, body aches hot weather and the lot) I managed to complete the Windows version of CodeGenerator with a few features that are different than the Mac Version.

1. The main ideas is the same, codeGenerator allows to create snippets based on some parameters. These snippets can be copied to the clipboard by selecting them and then pasting them into the code editor.

2. There are three main types that can be created, the Display Object, the Alert Window and a Transition

3. In display one can create all 7 types of display objects and the code for interactivity is already handled, so keep a look out in the console window when you run the generated code.

4. There is a menu that pops up on right click

5. The statusbar allows to quickly create a new feedback email or visit our webpage

6. For the Alert window, the right click on the buttons can add standard, OK, or OK/Cancel buttons However more buttons can be added

7. For the Transition, in the properties standard properties are created for positioning, visibility or for both. This should act as a guide to see what kind of values need to be entered.

some screenshots


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