The most boring task when writing games is ...

If you are wanting to make your own games, it is generally a very nice thought, in your mind, you have this brilliant idea of how the game will perform and work. You have the framework that works for you without issues and...

The first thing that you face is a brick wall, the graphics are fine, but you have a few coding questions like

1. How to find the closest object to the player
2. How to find the trajectory path of the object
3. How to ...

though it is easy to find code that could do all of the same, or find enough number of people that are happy to share code on these topics. What is the main theme here? What is this that makes all of this happen, what is the *most* uninteresting task here?

In school as a child, any of us try to wriggle out of the dreaded subjects called Math, be it Algebra or Geometry, but guess what... it comes back and bites us in the rear. If we have no idea of the basics, then writing a computer game is almost difficult. Yes, one can make the objects a physics object and place another physics object as a sensor to compensate for the lack of knowledge and understanding of math, but how long can that last?

So, am I writing this to taunt those that have not paid attention in class or make a point here? No, What I am trying to highlight here is that the basics of Algebra and Geometry are important for game writing, and I am planning to put together a few functions/formulas that one might need in this arduous quest. So keep an eye out for this and you might be able to add more functionality into your games with the new found knowledge.

Make games, write the algorithm than just relying on the built in physics engine to do everything.




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