There are no Warewolves and Vampires

Despite the success of Twilight, Harry Potter and the numerous other TV series on Vampires and Warevolves, you know for a fact that there are no such things. The only thing that *actually* suck your blood are the Mozzies and your bosses ;) So what does that have to do with development?

Just like there are no Vampires and Warevolves, there are *no* Silver Bullets, no One size fit all. So what am I on about? I am just stating that there are two things that a newcomer to development needs to know.

1. Do not re-invent the wheel, if there is something that can do something for you, then do not attempt to work on that again and spend time
2. Just because you have a hammer, *not* everything is a nail. Now this is the most important lesson that one needs to learn.

CoronaSDK is a framework that makes things easy for developers at all levels. It reduces the learning curve and helps everyone to write apps. There are some brilliant releases seen recently. The highlight of game making with Corona is 8 lines of physics. This is the hammer that I am talking about. The CoronaSDK framework has a very easy to use wrapper over Box2D by Erin Cato, but when you look at the forums it is generally found that many of the users, specially the new comers feel that Physics is the Silver Bullet that will help solve everything.

Want to move a character -> Use physics,
Want to make a leaf fall -> Use physics
Want to detect a spaceship colliding with an asteroid -> use physics

It might work for you in the short run, but in the long run what it will do is it will take away the creativity to get things done. The basic would be lost, and because as a new developer, if you jump to writing prose without learning the grammar or the vocabulary, the output will be quite limited.

I can only suggest that it is entirely upto you on what you want to do, if you want to use physics to send an email or play a sound, it is up to you, but think about it seriously, there is no magic bullet, and CoronaSDK is *not* just Physics, it is a very easy to learn framework that can help you migrate to development. If you have your basics right, you can develop with any and every language without much of an issue, but if your basics are faulty... you can image what's next.

To illustrate the point, Bill Gates had Basic as his favourite language, so Microsoft had QBasic, then Visual Basic from 1.0, on to 6.0. At that time Delphi was also released by Borland, it was pascal based than basic and instead of being a runtime interpreted language, it was a compiled and hence it performed much faster and had more functionality than VB, still it is known that Visual Basic *was* the most widely used language, GUI Apps could be made with in minutes or hours. Then suddenly, Microsoft to promote their new platform DotNet, just dropped Visual Basic, just like that. A lot of developers had to seek alternatives, many refused to shift to DotNet and many migrated to xCode. Point, be ready if things change, so have your basics clear and you will enjoy development for a very long time to come.


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