Draw Vector Graphics

Corona has primitives like Circles, Rectangles, RoundedRectangles and Lines. But what when you want to draw things like ellipses, or Arcs?

It was when I was trying to create this little set of articles for beginners for learning how to start with programming and I was looking at Math, I recollected that when I had started out, it was a big deal to solve mazes, but not just any maze, but in 3D. One would get to see walls in perspective and if there were any passages or not, etc.

The thought that came to mind was, why not revisit that? Why can we not re-create that on the mobile devices? So I set to write a library that allowed me to work with lines a bit better and also help me explain the math behind it in one of the future tutorial examples.

Till then, here is a screenshot to whet your appetite, if that is what you were after.

The elements you can see are
Arc - Yellow
Ellipse - Green
Circle - Red
Sine Wave - Magenta

Not yet sure if that will be made available for free or for a cost and how much of it will be *exposed* in the articles.

Now, If I can figure out a FloodFill ;)




  1. Jayant:

    You are my King :-) Sine wave! I want it now!!! :-) e-mail me at willyj@meappsstudio.com with terms. I can tell you EXACTLY how I can use it and you can tell me if you got what I want... pretty please :-)

    Willy J.


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