Pulling PropertyBag off GitHub

Ever noticed how things take a turn, VLC was made available on the Apple iTunes store, which was a bit of a surprise that Apple actually allowed and approved of it. It was then because of one of the developers Renee, that insisted that the licensing options used by VLC were not suitable for it to be distributed on the iTunes store.

In our interview with Carlos Icaza, he had mentioned that the support staff were swamped with issues relating to Director. In fact some users think that Director is CoronaSDK. That is a very good thing for Ricardo as it is his ticket of achieving CoronaSDK greatness. However that has also caused a whole lot of grief. I do not know about other developers, but I for one have and the last one was the breaking point. A user asked me if they could use PropertyBag with Director and pass it as a parameter. There were others that wanted to pass other stuff to Director as a parameter.

I think this is the point where in my opinion CoronaSDK has become so simple that it is attracting the wrong audience, ones that have no idea about programming or development. In my workshops I do not insist that the students have to be developers, but should have logical skills and it always helps if they have some idea about development.

The ease of use of CoronaSDk is fast turning into what many believe can *automatically* generate apps for them. This can turn into a revolt, so I can only say that Ansca... be warned this is a storm in the brewing...

Anyways, I have decided to pull PropertyBag off GitHub for the moment, till then there is an alternative that Peach has playing with the _G directly, to save files, there is the CrawlSpaceLibrary.

I have some other libraries that I wanted to share with the community, but it seems that it will not be at this stage or point of time.


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