Is CoronaSDK just a gaming framework?

The last two weekends, I was involved in Training on behalf of the AUC (Apple University Consortium) in Sydney and Melbourne. The participants that took advantage of this opportunity were either student or staff at the University, but they came from a variety of areas and fields. One would expect only participants from Computer Science or IT.

Due to the privacy of the participants, I cannot divulge more than this about them. However, the interesting point was the feedback or takeaway from the workshop.

1. A lot of them were surprised with just how easy it is to develop using CoronaSDK
2. They were surprised why this was not so popular, many of them visited the website for AnscaMobile only after having registered for the course. They felt that they could have benefited form knowing about it in advance. There should be more awareness about CoronaSDK.
3. Majority of the participants had some form of programming experience, and had at one point of time attempted to give objective-C a shot.
4. The point where they were stuck was testing CoronaSDK effectively as it got stuck with many features that either required an Apple developer certificate.
5. Then there were some interesting participants that were unhappy no matter how much one could bend for them.
6. There were others that were motivated and wanted to really learn and went on to do some cool stuff.

One take away from it all which is the point of this article was, "Is Corona just used for Game making?"
It is interesting to note that when Corona was released, it was released as Corona Edition and the Corona Game Edition. So the potential expected off CoronaSDK was in normal apps and gaming apps. Though not many apps have been seen that are *not* games on CoronaSDK, that may also be true because the non-gamey apps would be mostly enterprise or in-house apps that might not be distributed via the iTunes store and hence would never be heard of.

There are a couple of Non game apps that have been created, including
Pip Clock
Rare Parts
OZ Universities

to name a few from the top of my head.

CoronaSDK has SQLite3 integration, so using a database in the app is easy, it might not be CoreData but it is still quite easy to use.

So, if there is even one person that has a thought that CoronaSDK is only for games, you might be wrong, it can be used as you want, the LUA language makes it easy to develop with in comparison to objective-C.


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