Making Programming easier

I guess if someone paid a cent every time someone came up with that statement, the person paying would have paid over a billion dollars. Every developer that tries to create a framework, thinks that the framework that they are making is going to make development easy. Well, now that you buy that idea, it makes my work a bit easier, this is my attempt at making things easy.

Lua is a scripting language, now having said that it does not mean that it has limited potential. It is quite a powerful language and is now being used very commonly over mainstream C type languages. The beauty of Lua is that there are no pointers to deal with. Since there are no pointers, half the battle of a developer is won, memory management is the hassle of the system (as it should always have been) not the developers. However despite that ease of use there are still a lot of issues that people face with development. Now, how can that be made simpler?

My solution is based on a routine, now I cannot divulge details, I would have made it available as bytecode than in source code format. The problem is most frameworks do not accept bytecode lua libraries. I hope that someone takes notice of this issue and cater for accepting bytecode libraries. That way the IP is secure and the users can use it as they wish. Right, so the solution. The idea is to access every item, be it a image of a shape or sound, etc all by name. Rather than have variables, which are the way to manage objects, how about accessing objects without variables. The user can use variables for things like levels, scores, etc in fact these would also be provided in a better encapsulated form.

Does it work? I can tell you this that YES it does work and I have eaten what I have cooked before serving it. I use this in my game Office Blues here . This is written in Lua using the CoronaSDK framework, so those that have used coronaSDK or know about it, might think I am using the Director Class. Well, I am *not* using the director class and the fx etc are all generated using my library. In fact when you look at the code (which I cannot show for reasons mentioned above) there is very little that needs to be done to get images, objects on screen. This helped also in creating the UI separate using this library and the logic separate.

This library will be cleaned up and bettered by the time some framework comes up with bytecode compilation. Till then, you can only know that there is something that exists that will make development easier, I will try to even add the Native UI elements to this library.




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