Source Code available to purchase

Cleaning up my systems, I found a few interesting things. I found the first piece of code that I had when I started development with iOS. It wasn't an easy ride, it was using objective-C and to add to that the fact that I had *never* developed on a MacOSX platform.

Like many other developers I had grand ideas on what I wanted to do, and each step I took towards the app, only got me frustrated, more and more. However my aim was to end up publishing my own app or game on iTunes store. So to achieve that outcome I ended up tuning my grandiose ideas to something simpler and manageable. That's how I got my first game on iTunes -> RoboRun. It was then remade using CoronaSDK and also generated for Android and iOS with openfeint added to it.

As a special offer I have the Original Objective-C source code for RoboRun and HydroCarbon on offer if anyone wants to buy the same to dissect and understand how to develop, both are available for purchase. The code is the same of what was accepted by Apple and is/was on the iTunes store.

if you are interested, please make an offer of any amount > $20 and let me know at dev[@] and I will send you the code for RoboRun or HydroCarbon as required by you or both.




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