Why PropertyBag was taken off

There have been a few users that have been sending private emails explaining that they are advanced users and they *really* need the PropertyBag library for their app. I feel sorry for these users, that it is due to the indiscretions of some childish users have resulted in disadvantage for these and many others, but that is how life is, There was one small group of people that did what they did on 9/11 and now every time someone travels, they are subjected to TSA, Scanners, Pat downs, etc. It is the action of one that affect the lives of thousand others.

Now what does that have to do with the PropertyBag, well, I thought that I might let this one behind me, but I just couldn't. It is the immaturity of such users, otherwise called *trolls* on the net that move around thinking that they can get away with any sort of behaviour. It is the presence of such that sometimes I feel, that *not* all men are equal and *deserve* the same things in life. Anyways, I am not certain about when PropertyBag will be back, but I am sure that there are plenty of new corona users that have the skills to help new users. I shall be refraining from any more help or code on the Ansca CoronaSDK forums. The users that are so called *whitelisted* by me are the ones that I know by their handles or email IDs and I am happy to help them out, the new ones really have to earn a bit of a reputation.

Which brings me to the point for Ansca Staff, How about having a reputation counter like on StackOverflow and Quora, etc, where the user asking the question is already graded based on their reputation of answers, etc. This can be helpful to weed out the chaff from the grain.

Now on the topic of this users question, background services on Apple are available only if your app falls into one of the following categories approved by Apple. As for Android, it is a background process, the user is so *full* of himself at this point on a particular feature that it escapes him that maybe some of us are developing even before he was born. I did suggest a solution to this imbecile about how to resolve the issue, the problem is that he is looking for spoon fed code. He is frustrated as he is expecting a particular piece of technology and expecting code the instant that he asks a question on the forums.

At the end he turns his attention towards CoronaSDK with the point that maybe his requirements are more than what this framework can handle. Well, I think that he should then go on learn Java and create this particular app of his. This also is a small bit of advice to new developers, When you have an idea in your mind, you want to build the next wonder app. However if you start with a really complicated app, you will end up more frustrated and unhappy than before starting your development.

I guess this question and the problem of notifications will be handled by Ansca when they introduce notifications in both iOS and Android, but for a working app, I might start work on a library that will allow users to pass notifications, so while you are running your app, this will work fine. Keep your eyes out on this site when I announce that.




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