Recipe Book on CoronaSDK

I am in the process of writing a Recipe book for a publisher on CoronaSDK. The issue is that the Publishers are not exactly at par with the language, so when the code is really really small and a chapter is about 10 pages instead of 30, they feel that there needs to be more material. How can I increase the number of pages, create a variable on each line, write a comment on the next line??? This is where I need your feedback...

I am thinking seriously on discontinuing with the publishers and maybe publish this myself in electronic form, or maybe even in a printed form. I am looking for how many of you would be interested in this book. Let me tell you what a recipe book is all about. This is a cookbook/recipe book that has quick fix code snips that allow you as the reader to perform a particular task.

SO, for example you have the question, how do I play audio, or How do I transition the screen, or How can I create dynamic resolution graphics, or how can I add custom fonts into my app, etc etc.

Provide your feedback, spread the word around if there is no interest, then I guess I am better off with the Publishers and their format, otherwise you are all in for a treat with an explosion of Corona Code for things that are not yet seen.



  1. Just tell them that this is CoronaSDK. This is ridiculous. It is not about how much code in there, bu how efficient it is, it is quality vs. quantity. Is this a publisher or a whole saler :-).

    Try again with them. If not, then self-publish and i will be the first one to bu, but please make it suitable with comments and explanations for newbies like m :-)

  2. @arabianHorse, I have spoken to another publisher and things are progressing fine. I shall post some more details via my tweets or on the blog. There is something in the works and coming soon...


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