THOUGHT - Writing an Adventure Game

This is not a tutorial, but rather a thought. This is about creating an adventure game, a text adventure could be fun, but making a user type on the on-screen keyboard is a pain, so it might have to be a point and click type adventure. There could be some graphics, there could be a RPG style animation/graphics. There could be RPG style fights too. This would tie in with the idea of inventory system that I had written about earlier.

I can write this tutorial but I wanted to create this one with a bit of collaboration so if you are up to it and would like to make a community *open source* adventure game and learn something in the process working with other developers, get in touch and let me know. If you want to be part, you have to work for it too, spectator passes shall be available later.

what say??




  1. i'd like to participate in this project
    i'm no expert(not even close:( ) in corona, hasn't made even one game, but i want to take part and learn something in process
    if you interested let me know, or

  2. sounds good to me i made a couple text adv games bout 25 years ago in basic ( color computer 3 ) but cant say i remember any of the logic behind it

  3. great, we have some volunteers...let's get this party started and soon....


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